Abrasive Blast Pots - Mega-Blast™(Canada) Bulk Blast Vessels ABSS ManusMade in Australia

ABSS can design and manufacture an Abrasive Pressure Blast Pot System to suit your individual needs. Large Capacity Bulk Storage Pots or Bulka Pots can accomodate up to Six (6) Blast Operators and can be built as a Stationary Skid or Towable system. Our Engineering Staff will work through your specific application with you to ensure that you are provided the perfect solution for your requirements.

Manufactured to the highest quality. The standard range includes the ABS-2800, 100 cu/ft (2800 Litre) with a Garnet Capacity of 6400kgs and the ABS-4500, 160 cu/ft (4500 Litre) with a Garnet Capacity of 10,350kgs.

The quality is in the construction and ABSS range of Mega-Blast™(Canada) Vessels are manufactured using 3/8” Steel on the Tank Shell and 1/2” Steel on the Tank Heads.
All Mega-Blast™(Canada) Vessels are CRN-Registered, National Board Certified, U Stamped (ASME) and A-Stamped (Alberta) and are rated to 150psi (10 Bar) Working Pressure.

Contact us Now on 1300 727 240 or email us at info@abss.net.au for further information regarding the ABSS Abrasive Blasting Mega-Blast™(Canada) range.


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Mega Blast VesselABSS Bulk GarnetMega BlasterMega Blast Pot and DryerABSS Posi-SealGarnet Loading Platform

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Optional Double Seal Posi-Seal Valve is a 10" 250mm Auto Pop-Up Valve that allows filling of the Vessel without removing the 10" 250mm Closure. Internally Vessel Mounted.

Bulk Bag Loading Platforms and Swivel Filling Funnels available as Optional Extras.

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Key Benefits of Mega-Blast™ Vessel:

  1. Complies with Australian Standards AS1210
  2. Service Ladders as Standard
  3. Your Choice of Abrasive Feed Valves (Standard Issue -Genuine Thompson II)
  4. Electric or Pneumatic Deadman System
  5. Optional Electric Deadman Handles with the ABSS Short Proofing System
  6. Large Manway 300mm x 400mm
  7. Filling Options Available
  8. Flexibility in design and working features
  9. Easily serviceable operational components minimises down time
  10. Large Capacity Vessels provide continual Blasting to multiple Blast Operators
  11. Skid Mounted or Towable
  12. Custom sizes available
  13. Available with Compressed Air Preparation Equipment